Sonntag, 7. Februar 2010

Last but not least I was also tagged for the Haute Mess Award. First: Thank you soo... much Isabelle, it's my first award and I feel honoured. Now I must tell you seven facts about me, so:

1. I have two goldfishs.
2. I always forget to feed them and then I wonder that they 
   still  exist.
3. Chocolate is my great addiction.
4. I eat every chocolate I can get, sometimes 3 bars a day.
5. I buy every magazine that exist.
6. But mostly I don't read them complete.
7. Many people ask me if my hear is coloured and no IT IS 

PS   I don't have tagged someone because I think there are 
     too much great bloggers for name only a few.


  1. Vielleicht füttert irgendwer anders deine Goldfische XD

  2. :)
    i´ve also an award on my blog:)

  3. wow congratulations!